Powerful UASs that support heavy payloads, long endurance and runway-free take-off and landing offer groundbreaking advantages. The options are wide open across a range of industries and applications:

Monitoring & Surveillance

  • Forest fire detection
  • Precision farming
  • Law enforcement
  • Road traffic monitoring and control
  • Coastline monitoring
  • Maritime patrol

Military / Paramilitary

  • Reconnaissance
  • Ammunition guidance
  • Intelligence
  • Operations observation, command and control
  • Communication

Emergency Missions

  • Disaster assessment/management
  • Firefighting
  • Volcano monitoring
  • Search and rescue
  • Hurricane watch
  • Earthquake monitoring
  • Nuclear radiation monitoring

Scientific Research

  • Atmospheric research
  • Geological surveys
  • Hurricane evolution and research
  • Oceanographic observations
  • Volcano study and eruption alert
  • Weather forecasting

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