Introducing APG Aero Systems

The world is swiftly entering a new era in flight, with unmanned aerial systems (UAS) originally dedicated to military operations now being put to work in commercial and civil applications. The market is ripe for aerospace-savvy developers who can engineer top-performance UASs that turn science fiction into reality.

APG designs and manufactures transformational UASs for industrial, commercial, and military applications.

The company was founded in 2013 by world-renowned aerospace engineers who are the brains behind many manned and unmanned aircraft used worldwide.

In addition to its line of game-changing drones, APG provides aeronautical engineering and consulting services to prominent aircraft developers and military customers.

A Reputation for Trendsetting Design

APG prides itself on hurdling previously insurmountable engineering challenges, producing truly pioneering aeronautical solutions. This rings true for a number of APG’s most recent UASs, such as its innovative high-altitude solar hybrid drone for commercial use, specifically designed to provide low-cost Internet and cellular services in remote regions of the globe.

In addition, the company’s breakthrough pure vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) tilt-rotor drone for commercial, industrial, civil, and military applications will soon transition from the proof-of-concept stage to design and manufacturing.

Industry Veterans and Top Engineering Talent

APG’s executive team has been designing and delivering sophisticated airplanes and drones for over 40 years.

CEO Yair Dubester served as the CEO of the UAS Division of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), bringing experience in international partnership development, marketing, and sales.

Chief Technology Officer Shlomo Tsach is a distinguished aerospace engineer and key developer of the Pioneer and Hunter – both collaborations between US and Israeli defense industries.

This proven track record gives APG a wealth of global industry connections.

The APG team, among the industry’s best and brightest, comprises a winning combination of seasoned engineering professionals and upstarts with the latest technology skills, propelled by their collaborative spirit of innovation.

A World of Opportunity in Civil-, Commercial-, and Military-scale UASs

APG’s products are ideally positioned for the drone market’s surge in demand.

Its flagship UAS is targeted to the needs of businesses and civil governments, the fastest growing drone sector, which, according to Goldman Sachs, is expected to spend $13 billion between 2016 and 2020.

The applications are wide open in this sector, with the highest potential in construction, agriculture, insurance, offshore oil/gas and refining, as well as deliveries.

APG products fill a key market void, as identified by PwC – hybrid tilt-rotor VTOL drones that break the size barrier, enabling heavy payloads, long endurance, and energy-efficient operation. These smart, runway-free UASs can go where others cannot, saving time and resources, and enabling new value-added applications.


APG’s mission is to bring the future into the present, designing and delivering breakthrough UAS solutions that set the standard in commercial, civil, and military flight, and transform global industry milestones into routine operations – to benefit businesses, organizations, and governments worldwide – and ultimately, to enrich life for citizens of the planet.