Rhino – Supply and Evacuation UAV

The Rhino UAV designed for cargo delivery, Emergency Medical Supply and Evacuation. It has the ability to take off and land almost at any terrain without special preparation (ESTOL).

Main Applications:

  • Delivery of emergency medical supplies
  • Delivery of cargo
  • Airdrop supplies
  • Emergency medical evacuation
Renegade, Next Generation Tactical UAV

The Renegade UAV designed forciviluse. With its Extremely Short Takeoff & Landing  (ESTOL) capability, it can takeoff and land at almost any terrain, without special preparation. The Renegade is suitable to operate from land or from sea.

Main Applications:

  • ISR
  • Search and Rescue
  • Border Patrol
  • Law Enforcement
  • Forest Fire detection
  • Road Traffic Monitoring and Control
  • Coastline Monitoring
  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • Maritime Patrol
  • Drug Traffic Monitoring
  • Crop and Harvest Monitoring
  • Safeguard Offshore Platform
Solar UAV

Following a series of tests we have recently completed a successful maiden solar flight.
The flight took place on November 9, at Ein-yahav, Israel.

The Solar UAV was designed according to one of our customers’ requirements.